Top 8 Features of Microsoft Office 2013

Office 2013 is the latest version of Office suite from Microsoft. It comes up with plenty of handsome features and tools. The new Metro interface, touch and type, online storage, latest gadgets, PDF editing, online audio/video insertion, and full-screen view are some of the features included with this version. The included applications have all those required aspects to make the daily assignments easy and fast. We’ve tried to summarize the top eight features of this latest application suite, which are mentioned herein below. We hope you will get the benefit of these features. If you’re using Office 2013, then you’re requested to share your views with us and our readers.

Touch Interface

The new Office application is designed to enhance the touch interface. Similar to other touch screen gadgets, it reacts to touch instantly without any delay. You can zoom in or zoom out the documents, presentation and images on the screen. For Office 2013 support, feel free to call any third-party tech support providers.

Cloud Sharing with SkyDrive

On working with Office documents, the files are automatically saved in the cloud-based storage tool called SkyDrive. As the content is saved online, users have plenty of options to access those documents. You can access them via any portable devices such as PC, tablet or Smartphone. You can also access your documents offline. To sync your device, you need to reconnect it. Feel free to call the third-party tech support providers for Office 2013 help.

Metro Design

Users will enjoy a clean and attractive look with tiles, which are added to bring more beauty to its interface. Unlike various traditional applications, you can enjoy documents, videos, and presentations on full-screen displays. Feel free to call on-demand support services where technical experts can assist you to execute Office 2013 setup and install.

PDF editing

The new Office has changed the digital trend of PDF documents. Now, users have options to open, format, save and edit PDF documents with ease. You can also embed videos and images from your PC or any online source such as Facebook, YouTube, and other websites. Even watching those pictures and videos is possible from within the document with ease. If you are unable to install Office 2013, call on-demand support services for help.

Type with Stylus

Users can type in the content and create notes using the stylus tool. You can write email messages with your hands and later convert them to text quickly. Using the stylus, you can also make your presentation easy and comfortable by creating laser pointer. This lets you avoid and rectify mistakes very easily. You can also change formatting of text such as adding color, font and size with ease. Always trust on-demand support services for Office 2013 help if you want to save your precious time in fixing its issues.


OneNote helps to collect important notes about users More info including audio messages, images, drawings, texts and organize them too. Once created, notes are automatically saved to on the SkyDrive. You can even share such information on the Internet following a few simple steps with Office OneNote utility. This application is available for all portable devices such as Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone. With instant access, you can add and make necessary changes to the notes.

Inclusion of Skype

Skype is a popular VoIP application and available for almost all the operating systems such as Mac, Linux, Symbian, Android, iOS, and Windows. It is also applicable for Smartphones, tablets and PCs. It is well known for audio call, video calls, group meetings, and texts between PC, Mac, tablets, and smartphones with splendid quality. With the new Office, you can get 60 minutes of talk time every month and even include Skype contacts for instant chat

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