The Great Equalizer

What do we have that is equal with what all the others have regardless of age, gender, location and nationality… and therefore is the great equalizer?

To arrive with the answer, let us try to apply the process of elimination. We will eliminate those aspects of our lives that we find to be unequal until we are left with only one logical choice.

To begin with, let us start with “height”. We all have height, but our heights are unequal. Some are tall and some are small. This is one of the reasons why the game of basketball have different positions. There is a “center position”, usually the tallest of the team and there is a “point guard position”, most often than not, the smallest of the group.

“Weight” can’t be the great equalizer either. Some are heavy and some are light. That’s why in boxing, they have categorized the sport into ‘weight divisions”. It’s just not fair to pit a lightweight against a heavyweight. Imagine, Manny Pacquiao vs Mike Tyson… it’s absurd. However, some have tried to circumvent this “weighty” issue by coming up with a “catch weight” Pinoy HD concept wherein boxers from different weight divisions will meet halfway to carve a fight. Wise eh? But still, we cannot hide the fact that we are not equal on this aspect.

How about “strength”? Of course not. Some are mighty strong and some are weak. Speed, beauty, belief, color etc… these are aspects of our lives that are unequal as well.

One of the glaring proofs of inequality in human can be seen in competitions… like beauty and singing contests and yes… the Olympics. In all these, someone always ends up on top. It has been this way, and will always be.

Some people say that we are equal at birth and in death. Of course we were all born, but we were born under different circumstances. Some were born naturally and some were born through the cesarean process. How about death? This is a certainty. All of us will go through this at some point. No one is exempted. But the manner of death differs from person to person.

Even the air that we breath, the food and water we take, these are uneven as well… actually, the list could just go on. So then, what is the great equalizer?

I did a research on this and until now, I can only think of one facet of our lives that we can truly say we are exactly equal with everyone… it’s TIME. No one can lay claim to have an advantage on this. We all have 24 hours in a day… no more, no less.

Much have already been said and written about time and one of those is that “Time is Gold”. I believe this phrase was coined in reference to time as being precious… even valuable than gold! A lost gold can still be recovered or be replaced with a new one, but not time. A moment gone is gone forever. This is the special characteristic of time, we cannot keep it for later use, we can only spend it as it goes.

There’s a lot to discuss about time. Tons of it. But now, let us try seeing time from a different perspective by asking this question to ourselves… Of all aspects in our lives, why God created us equal only in time and not in height, weight, strength, beauty wealth and among others?

I suppose we were created equal in time, not really to have an equal opportunity to accumulate wealth, to develop ourselves, be famous or become influential people. I believe it is for us to have equal chances in glorifying and serving HIM… the ONE who created time and all things. It doesn’t matter whether we are tall or small, heavy or light, strong or weak, beautiful or not so beautiful, rich or poor… WE HAVE TIME. We can all glorify and serve God… EQUALLY. God is just, God is fair.

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