Scuba Diving Gear

Scuba diving can be fun for someone on vacation. Plunging toward the ocean floor while exploring the marine life beneath the seas can be very exciting. With the right underwater equipment, you will surely have a wonderful time.

While scuba diving can be enjoyable with the proper equipment, it can also be very dangerous. Accidents that happen to scuba divers result from their carelessness. A diver has to know everything about diving gear and feel confident underwater. Part of the scuba diving certification is devoted to teaching people how to properly use the equipment intended for it.

A beginner scuba diver will need five items in order to begin a dive — scuba mask, scuba booties, swims fins, scuba weight belt and snorkels. Those with some padi idc diving experience, such as a veteran diver, obtain other equipment for personal use. A wet suit is usually an item a diver desires, as well as a regulator and scuba tank.

Divers do not usually have their own scuba tanks unless they are considered hard-core. But those who want one can easily rent tanks from dive shops. Here, tanks are inspected and their quality maintained. They are properly tested and filled with oxygen.

There are two types of tanks available for divers — aluminum and steel tanks. Steel tanks are more expensive than aluminum ones, because they are more durable. Most dive shops lend aluminum tanks for a fee.

Wet suits are the most popular form of thermal protection while diving in cold waters. Suits are easy to use, inexpensive and give ample protection in diving.

A diver could have all the best gear, but irresponsible use of the gear will render them ineffectual. Scuba diving can only be a fun sport if performed safely and with utmost precaution.

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