Paid Surveys – 7 Tips to Identify a Fraudulent Paid Survey Site

Online paid surveys are popular as an extra side income. This is the perfect part time job for teens, house wives and senior citizens. It is trouble-free and fast way to earn online. And it require only a few hours in a week.

But a lot of scammers use its goodwill to scam people. They promise you that you will get a plenty of money. But you will see that you are wasting your time. So, before joining any site you should conform that you are joining in a legit site.

Here are 7 tips to identify a scam site:


  1. Unrealistic promises:- Some sites promise you that you can make thousands of dollar in a month. Greedy persons don’t use their head and they fall into scam. Any single survey sites will not pay you thousands of dollars in a month.
  2. Search yourself:- The best way to identify any site as scam is to search yourself on Google. Go to and just type ‘site name scam’. If that website is a scam site then you will get hundreds of results on Google.
  3. Check site profile:- Every genius site sets up a 메이저사이트 profile of its history and its working methods. They will tell you how long they have been here. Some of scam sites don’t set up their site profile.
  4. Check on forums:- Forums are the places where people ask questions to each other. Go to good forum like and ask questions about your joining site. is another good forum on scam. Go there and check their list of scam sites.
  5. Check their support system:- Before joining any site go to contact us page. You will find an email address or a phone number or both. You should contact them and ask some questions. If you will not receive any response then simply it is a scam site.
  6. Search for reviews:- Go to and search the reviews of your joining site. You need to just type ‘site name review’ on Google. You will get hundreds of reviews. If reviews are positive then join it.
  7. Paid survey sites are always free to join:- I have never seen any legit paid survey site that takes money from members. If any paid survey site takes money for sign up then it may be a scam site.


There are hundreds of legit paid survey sites those are giving money to their members. And also their members are making good money from them. You should invest a little time to check those sites. If you do, you will not fall into another scam.

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