Make More From Your Domain and the Truth About “Authority Sites”

Hello, in today’s article I will discuss some effective ways to use your domain. If you’re like me and have many different domains that aren’t being used, here are some tips and tricks you can start implementing today!

Also I will briefly share what an authority site is and what you need to do in order to have one of these precious jewels.

Buying a domain name

There are many different reasons someone buys a domain name. I will list and discuss some of these reasons below and maybe it will give you some ideas of how you can use it in your online business as well.

Use it as a redirect: This is a very popular way to use domains as an affiliate. If you just need a domain for a quick test campaign, you can either purchase a new one or use your existing one. Redirect the whole site to wherever you’d like.

It looks like this – “” redirected to your affiliate link or anywhere else.

Also if you buy an aged domain that has page rank you can give any website a massive spike by redirecting the whole site to wherever you want to boost ranking.
Use it as an extension farm:

Another way to use domain is to have one that you do best bulk email sender massive extension redirects with. So it may be some generic domain name that does all your extensions.
It looks like this – “” redirected to your affiliate link or anywhere else.

Use it as an authority site:

Another Powerful way to use purchased domains is to have one main site that you show love to. This is better known as an “authority domain”

What makes a site an authority site are a few main things. The amount of pages or post – daily actions on the site – how targeted the site is on one subject – how many backlinks are pointing to the site and having key pages on the site, the about us page, the sitemap, the main tabs to navigate the site and the privacy disclaimer.

Your sites are seen as an authority site by Google once it has the full details in the search results. It’s a bit too hard to explain without an image or something so just type wiki. com into the search engine. That’s how it ought to look.

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