How to Make Personalized Shirts?

Do you think it’s a hard task to come up with personalized shirts for promotional purposes or just as gifts to your close ones? Are your drawings very complex to do it all by yourself? In case you are planning to get your staff or crew t-shirts, then having customized ones is the best option. This process may sound tad complicated, but you can actually do it in five main steps. You cannot wait to get your hands on your supplies? Here are five easy steps to create your own customized t-shirt.

1- Get the T-shirt of your choice. Wholesalers always have cheaper t-shirts. If you feel comfortable with the quality and elegance of their products, go for it and buy it. For best results, wash the shirts first in order to get a better quality print, and to make sure that the t-shirt doesn’t shrink after washing.

2- Get the resources you need. Of course, this includes the T-shirt, decorated fabrics, fabric scissors, pencils, paper to print on, adhesives and finally an iron.

3- Create the map to draw on the fabric. Do this using a pencil or stencil. Use sharp scissors to cut, in order to avoid the appearance of uneven edges of the fabric. Allow an inch of fabric on both sides of your design.

4- Put the wax paper on the cloth and iron them for at least 30 seconds. Later on, let it cool for a while before you remove the wax and your slogan T-shirt will be printed.

5- To ensure the longevity of the logo printed on your T-shirt, sew the edges.

Printing your own t-shirt is no doubt, easier and more economical than buying a new one. Now, you can have your own personalized t shirts printing dubai tee shirts in the blink of an eye. You can provide your family or friends, or perhaps sell for profit through blogging or social networking sites.

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