Hire a House Clearance Business

That old house used to belong to a relative who has passed on, leaving it up to you to dispose of all of the contents, and then decide what to do with the old building. Sound familiar? It happens every day and can be a sad situation when the loss of a loved one is involved. It is not a time to make rash decisions so here are a few guidelines to assist in the process of clearing away the old house and its memories.


  • Find a reputable house clearance company. One that has been around for year and has built up a good reputation in the community is to be preferred.
  • Be sure they are registered with the UK Environment Agency.

· Ask if they recycle all that they can and sort through for recyclable items.


· Make sure they are fully covered by Public Liability insurance.

· They should guarantee their work, and insure that they complete it on time, and on budget.

· Make sure the staff is fully trained and are capable of meeting all health and safety requirements.

Generally it is best to hire locally because they will have established a reputation in your area and that should be verifiable. A house clearance company that House Clearance Service In Solihull also can handle larger jobs like warehouses and office buildings may be preferred because they will most likely have a well qualified staff of workers at the ready to handle your job.

A company that specializes in the house clearance business means they will know exactly which steps to take in order to complete the job quickly and efficiently. A valuable part of the business is in the recycling of all that possible can be, and donating any reusable items to worthy local charities.

If any appliances remain they will be disconnected safely by trained technicians. Any carpeting will be removed, then safely and properly disposed of.

Hiring on a house clearing business that is less reputable may mean shoddy work, incomplete work, and damages that can become expensive to the building owner. There are a certain amount of rogue house clearance companies in the business and they tend to be evasive when asked about their credentials and guarantees, so beware if they cannot provide references or make outlandish claims as to their capabilities. Whenever they want to be paid up front, before even beginning the job, beware and look elsewhere for assistance in your house clearance project. Make certain they have a waste carrier’s license and also are registered with the UK tax office as a legitimate business within the area. Write down this information because if anything occurs on the work site, you may need to identify the company which you hired to do the work. Accidents can happen, even to the best of us, but knowing they are insured as well as licensed, will help in case problems do occur.

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