Have You Ever Wondered About What a High Risk Pregnancy Is?

Even the complication-free and normal pregnancy is not something that should be taken lightly. This condition must be taken with utmost importance and care. Your doctor will monitor your condition each time you visit him to track the progress of your baby’s development as well as how you are tolerating and reacting to the physical stresses brought by pregnancy. Unfortunately, some women are considered to have high risk pregnancy because of some pre-existing medical conditions. There are also some cases when the risk develops during the stage of pregnancy. If the baby in the mother’s womb develops a serious medical condition, this may also be classified as high risk. When a woman is diagnosed to have a high risk pregnancy, an additional attention and care is required and in some cases, she may be referred to a specialist specializing in the condition she or her baby may have.

Contributing Factors of High Risk Pregnancy

• Age

In the past, pregnant women over 35 are usually categorized with high risk pregnancy; however, with the medical research and advancement, being over 35 does not necessarily make a pregnant woman high risk. However, there are still certain effects that old age brings to the pregnant woman.

• Pre-existing medical conditions

Some women may already have pre-existing medical conditions and these conditions may greatly affect their pregnancy. If you are diagnosed to have the following diseases and are currently pregnant, make sure to visit your doctor often.

– Cancer
– Heart Disease
– High blood Pressure
– Diabetes
– STDs
– Kidney problems
– Young age
– Underweight
– Obesity
– Previous miscarriages, premature births or stillbirths.

• Dangerous Pregnancy Condition that Develops During Pregnancy

Some serious medical conditions may arise during the pregnancy and these conditions may prompt your doctor to classify your condition as High risk pregnancy doctor Katy Texas. These medical conditions may be caused by the lifestyle, foods the mother eats and exposure to chemicals and toxins. Emotional disturbance and stress may also cause different medical conditions to develop. This is the reason why pregnant women are advised to always visit their doctors so that early treatment and careful attention will be given should any of the following arises:

– Preterm Labor
– Gestational Diabetes
– Preeclampsia or Eclampsia
– Multiples
– High blood Pressure
– Genetic defects or abnormalities in baby

Pregnancy is such a very sensitive stage that needs to be faced and taken with utmost care. However, there are really certain conditions that cannot be avoided. Nevertheless, there are also some pregnancy care tips, measures and cautions any pregnant woman should take to avoid their conditions being classified as high risk pregnancy. Just the same, for women who have health problems even before they become pregnant, there are tips and recommendations from doctors that must be followed. Along with these, any pregnant woman should prepare for their pregnancy by eating a proper and healthy diet, keeping physically fit, avoiding unhealthy lifestyle and habits like drinking alcohol and smoking, and taking prenatal supplements. All these will help avoid a high risk pregnancy.

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