Garage Shelves – Solving Storage Problems

Last year, my garage was not living up to its function. It was certainly more of a dump then a car shelter: in fact it got so bad that there was simply no way to park a car there to begin with! To make matters worse, just about all of the stuff I had there was useful, not simply garbage. Lawnmowers. Bicycles. Snow shovels and leaf racks. Toolkits.

And so as all those useful things had to be put somewhere, preferably not in the living room, my garage was completely clogged. In fact getting the lawnmower out for its intended function last summer was a nightmare.

This all changed the moment when I looked into garage shelves. Before then, the only space I was utilizing fully was on the floor. Unfortunately the same kind of space needed to park a car. What I’ve come to realize then was that there were three perfectly good walls and one ceiling’s worth of storage space I wasn’t even touching!

Hanging garage shelves made all the difference: Travel Car Ceiling Storage Net By installing proper shelves on the walls and racks on the ceiling, I was able to park my car again. The bikes and lawnmower went up against a wall without a fuss. The racks and shovels too. The tools were neatly organized on a shelf where I could easily see and reach them.

So if you are having any sort of garage storage problems at all and have yet to realize the storage potential of your garage walls and ceiling, I would definitely suggest you look into garage shelves. You will be surprised how much new useful space you will create in your garage. Even if you have enough floor space for everything, garage shelves will help you organize your items better; that is especially useful if you have a wide variety of tools you could potentially need at a moment’s notice.

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