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Hardy Dog Food has only one goal, the introduction to the dog owner of how to create healthy, nutritious, pleasant tasting food for their dog. There are a number of health problems that are tied directly to the food a dog is eating. Obesity, high blood pressure, poor circulation, slow movements or lack of energy are but a few of the numerous health issues that arise from poor nutrition. Something that should be mentioned is to be extremely careful when feeding your dog table scraps, or people food. Often this food has high salt content, plus fat and sugar, items that dogs do not need in large volumes.

The nutrition of your dog is something that every dog owner should make as their number one priority when their dog is concerned. A dogs nutrition needs are similar to their human owners. Proper nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and even proper fats are necessary for a healthy dog. Everything in balance will make one truly healthy, long living dog.

There are three main types of dog food that can be purchases. Dry dog food (Kibble) can be purchased in small, medium and large amounts. Kibble is high in carbohydrates, with oil sprayed on to help keep it moist. This oil adds protein to the dry food. The dry food can be made up of several ingredients, but the main portion is some type of vegetable meal.

Another dog food is the semi-moist. This dog food avoderm uses two types of meat by products and Humectants to keep the food most and prevent spoilage. Humectants are another word for chemicals. These are not natural, are additives and over large periods of time may even be harmful to your dog. The production of meat by products include parts of animals (chicken, beef etc.) that are normally thrown away, hoofs, bones, marrow etc. This is something that you should consider when using semi-moist dog food, or any other dog food that contain meat by products.

The third dog food is canned. Canned dog food can be solid or “chunky”. Either type uses a large amount of meat by products. Chunky dog food usually has some stew that the meat is served with. Both solid or chunky contain additives, that make the food more appealing to the owner, not the dog. The manufacturers believe that if they can make the food look appetizing to the owner, then the owner will serve the food to the dog. The dog does not care either way. It will eat almost anything if it smells agreeable to them.

This is one of the basics that the concerned dog owner should realize, think nutrition not looks. Who cares if it looks fabulous, if it does not provide the nutrition that your dog needs. Your dog will not care what the food looks like, they will eat anything you put in front of them, as long as it smells like food.

One of the main reasons you want to make your dogs food at home, is you control what your dog is eating. You know, the amount of meat, what vegetables, the nutrition your dog is getting from their food. You are in complete control of your dogs diet. If your dog does not like something, or will not eat something, you can add or take away items until they will eat. Then you will understand what your dog likes and does not like. You can control their nutrition intake so that they live long, healthy, active lives. This is the goal of every loving owner.

Making your dogs food at home does not have to take a long time or be hard. You just need the proper information regarding what you should do and what you should avoid. For more information regarding proper dog food nutrition, click on the link in the authors box, to find out more.

Mitch is experienced in raising dogs for a long time, most of his canine friends have lived long, active lives. He has feed his dogs self made food for years. To learn more about how to prepare home made dog food and recipes go to Introduction [] where everything you need to know about this topic is available.

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