Diamonds Are Not The Only Option For Women’s Wedding Rings

One of the curious things is that, women have forever loved diamonds the most. But that trend is changing nowadays and is most apparent today, in the world of wedding rings. Thankfully, people today are much more open to new trends.

Opal, the one jewel which has been ignored for years by people deciding to settle down, the one jewel, the reputation of which has suffered since the Victorian times is back in the wedding market for good. And you won’t believe what the reason for its unfortunate decline in popularity was. It was the death of a fictional character in a Victorian novel!

Mercifully, those times of supreme ignorance have passed. But, it is a popular belief, even today, that the earlier the times, the more ridiculous the beliefs. Ironically, in the Middle Ages, which was much before the Victorian period, the opal was considered a blessing to have. Even in those times, people understood the various aspects of marriage. They believed that, the different colours seen in an opal reflected the different nuances of married life. It was also believed that, the various colours of the opal represented the various characteristics attributed to the zodiac signs.

Australia is renowned internationally for its exports of gold, opals and sapphires. It produces more than 90% of the world’s opals. Coober Pedy, Lightening Ridge, Quilpie are only a few mines that are responsible for this humongous production. Therefore, it is only natural, that in Australia, Women’s wedding rings women’s wedding rings are increasingly being made of opals. And not just women, men are even more interested in such jewels than ever before. More so, because they can make a good business out of it by selling them to the women! Jokes apart, men have become more fashion conscious and are thus, experimenting more. They have become increasingly accepting of the idea of metro-sexuality.

Talking of opals, these beauties can be of different types. As opals are made of silica and water, they are generally quite soft. But certain opals can naturally be quite hard. These are the much older ones.

The black opals comprise of a small fraction of the total production of opals because of their lesser availability. The Lightening Ridge mines of New South Wales in Australia produce them. You can search for images on the internet for the black opal. You will see and recognise the fact that, black opals can be breathtakingly beautiful. Those which exude a navy bluish colour amidst all the blackness, give the impression of being some charmed object. The more you look at it, the more you cannot help but peer into it, as if you want to get lost in its mysterious beauty.

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