All About Food Sealers

Whether Storing or Freezing Food, Air is the Enemy

Food sealers can reseal original packaging of most snacks to prevent air from making them stale.

Many vacuum food sealers now offer air-sealing containers for storing food items that allow for sealing without collapsing of the container. These containers are great for keeping bakery or fruits and vegetables fresh.

When air is able to come in contact with food in the freezer, it will allow frost to develop and freezer burn to discolor and spoil the taste of any food. Vacuum sealers remove air from the bag that will collapse around the food and create a tight seal to prevent air from getting in.

Food Sealers Can Help Save Money and Time

Money will be saved just by keeping food fresh and preventing the waste from spoilage. Other money saving tips include, buying in bulk and separating food into individual serving sizes. Fruits and vegetables are cheaper to buy when they are in season and can be easily stored in the freezer, preserving the nutritional content of the food. Grow your own fruits and vegetables at pennies a serving and store in the freezer for that fresh taste later in the year.

Save time by making larger batches when cooking meals and store leftovers in the freezer for another fresh tasting meal at a later date. By pre-package meals that have quick cook times, they can be taken from the freezer and prepared in a fraction of the time.

Food Sealers Are a Must Have for Hunters and Fishermen

Vacuum Food Sealers allow hunters and fisherman to keep their catch as garden cup fresh as the day it was caught. By removing the air from the package and creating an air tight seal the meat will stay fresher longer whether stored in the refrigerator or freezer. The air tight seal also prevents smells from escaping the package to prevent unpleasant odors from affecting other food.

Additionally, meals for that hunting or fishing trip can be prepared ahead of time to be available quickly when returning from that long day with a huge appetite.

How do Food Sealers Work

Food Sealers usually have one or two wires that are heated to a high temperature to allow for plastic packaging be heated and sealed to keep out air or water.

Vacuum food sealers contain devices that suck the air from the package first and senses when to heat the wires to create the seal.

Other Uses for Food Sealers

Protect valuables from water damage when storing items in a damp basement. Moisture can deteriorate various materials in a short amount of time.

Whether camping, hiking or boating, items can be sealed in plastic bags to save space and to protect from moisture or water.

Protect those value items, like silverware and collectable coins that tarnish from air, in the air tight bags for longer preservation.

When traveling store toiletries in a see through sealed bag to easily get through security check points and not have to worry about spillage in the carry on.

Important documents and children’s artwork can be sealed and stored for protections for years.

More about Food Sealer Bags

Food Sealer Bags are made by the manufacture for the specific unit based on the temperature and functions of the sealer. It is recommended to purchase bags specific to the brand of the unit to get the best seal.

Most bags are re-usable and can be used in microwaves, freezers and dishwashers. Bags that are used to store oily items or meat products are not recommended for re-use because it is difficult to remove all oil or meat residue from the bag even after washing.

Rolls of plastic are offered by many manufacturers so custom sized bags can be created for any unique purpose.

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