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African home decor gets its inspiration through nature. For example, the trees, the animals, the soil is the reflection it gives through it’s craftsmanship. History proves most cultures and tribes of Africa have long felt true power comes from the soil, trees, stones, rushing rivers, powerful animals and more. As a result craftsmen and women work to reflect that power as they fashion wooden sculptures, figurines, mask and other hand-made products.

Due to the natural symbolism these products exude, they have the strength and depth to survive the passing trends and fads of time. The power and depth of hand-made African decor is what gives it longevity long after most other home decor styles have faded away.

African Interior Design Reflect Powerful Symbols of Nature

The powerful symbols of nature from the African continent reflect the feeling and inspiration through a growing market of African home accents, and room decor. African art and the culture that comes from it is inspired through hand-made craftsmanship. Most of these techniques, handed down for centuries from generation to generation, continues to produce quality pieces of home decor that’s demanded around the world.

The expansive decorative designs, patterns and textures make up the popularity and uniqueness of most modern African American home decor. The rich vibrant beauty adds life and authenticity to a lack luster space or room in a growing number of homes. The range of choices in patterns, textures, designs, and colors is what makes the African decor style so adaptable to various home decor themes and homeowner taste. The colors of nature continues to inspire more African interior design choices.

African decor takes on many symbols and forms. They include African figurines, masks, wooden sculptures, baskets, iron art, ceramic pottery and even furniture original style to name a few. The huge assortment of African textiles also play a large role in African room accessories. Colorful, bright and uplifting is the best way to describe the exotic designs and patterns of this popular decor. Whether you’re choosing to add an accent piece to brighten up a dull space or introduce a whole room theme, African home decor has a solution for ever room design problem.

African Decor Color Choices Reflect Nature

The color range of African American home decor alone is expansive, it can go from soft natural earth tones to all the colors of the rainbow and beyond. The nature-friendly textiles, used for an assortment of items, add warmth to any room. For example, wall decor, window coverings, sofa and chair covers, even decorative pillows, bedspreads, tablecloths, and table runners. The list continues to grow and expand as consumers needs continue to grow and expand.

Many woods go into the classic African influenced furniture. For example, if you need to brighten your space, woods such as cedar, pine, and ash can add a light colored mood to your room. For the classic look – consider the dark, rich, timeless look of mahogany and ebony wood as your African decor choices.

For earth-friendly or organic African home decor there’s bamboo, wicker, rattan and other environmentally friendly materials. Theses materials come from fast growing trees that’s easily replenished. The exotic artwork of Northern African contributes to the timeless look of a room. Famous for world renowned mosaic art in colorful floor tiles, rugs, wall and ceramic products.

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